Dermal Korea Collagen Facial Mask Sheet Review

Have you heard about the Dermal Korea mask sheet? They are a perfect combination of Vitamin E and Collagen in a mask to rejuvenate your skin.

I just love face mask sheets. They are definitely the most comfortable facial skin care treatment to wear. 

You just take it out from the bag, put it on your face and wait! That’s it!

I want to show you today the Dermal Korea facial masks with collagen. They are made to improve the appearance of your skin overnight.

It will make you feel and look younger as they are made to your body absorbs all the good ingredients.

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The facial masks also keep your skin well-hydrated so, in a way, they are complete facial skin care in a bundle.

How to Use Dermal Korea Facial Masks?

As I mentioned before, they are one of the easiest skin care products to use in the market.

how to use the korea skin mask

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to clean your face before applying the mask. You can also apply toner to ensure maximum absorption of collagen in your face.

Step 2

Open the pouch containing the mask and unfold it. Then apply it to your face gently. You’ll get better results if you wear it while laying down.

Step 3

Keep the Korea mask on for 15 to 20 minutes. I recommend you to open some essential oils to guarantee maximum relaxation and stress relief while you wait.

Step 4

After your face has absorbed all the collagen from the mask, remove it and apply lotion or cream to close your pores.

If this is your first time ordering the Korea Masks I suggest you get the 16-mask bundle to get started. It contains a variety of different essences so you can try out the one that works the best for you.

All of the different essences are equally effective rejuvenating your skin and getting rid of wrinkles.

Some of them have extra ingredients to help you get the perfect skin,  brightening, clarifying, nourishing and rehydrating.

The best thing about the bundle is that you are able to try out all the different types of masks so you can pick more of your favorite ones for your second order.

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